• Overseas shipping costs from East and West Coast with transit time estimates
  • Ground transportation costs from any city or zip code in the U.S. with transit time estimates
  • Rates are automatically updated on our end so you don’t have to make any adjustments on yours
  • Customizable pickup location and Consolidation Service for our most popular destinations
  • Saves quotes for 30 days with an email to the customer. You’ll also receive an email confirmation with the customer’s information, which you can use to close a sale
  • Calculator always suggests the cheapest route to customers
shipping calculator features

As an added bonus, Easy Auto Ship is offering $50 for every order that the site owner books using our calculator. Each month we'll send the money you've earned from the previous month's commissions. It's a win-win: you get a highly effective tool that makes the shipping process easier on your customers, and you get a little extra money in your pocket. Fill out the form and get the calculator on your website today.