How it works in four easy steps

How it works in detail F.A.Q

Factors That Affect the Cost to Ship Your Car

Rate Variables Explained

Special Vehicle Considerations

Additional accommodations may be necessary for the following conditions. Please let your booking agent know and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

  • Modified vehicles
  • Vehicles over 7 feet tall
  • Ground clearance that is under 4 inches
  • Non-rolling vehicles
  • Shipping of multiple cars

Additional Services/Extras


You can request to have your car shipped on the top level of double-decker trucks (usually $75 extra). A car hauling trailer with a single deck is considered top-load as it guarantees that your car does not have a vehicle above it.


Requesting to have your car picked up ON or BY a specific date (and/or time) will increase your rates in order to accommodate for that specific time frame. Please call and speak with an agent to arrange a customized transport quote.


You can have your car shipped fast with a premium service, and a trucker will re-arrange his or her pre-determined route and schedule to accommodate your specific needs. Learn more.