Make life on the open road easier - ship your RV with us!


Need to move an RV or trailer and not sure where to start? Want a safe, reliable way to transport your just-purchased RV or trailer? In most cases, moving an RV is just as simple as any other type of automobile transport. However, because of the size of the shipment, it’s safer to contact one the professionals at Easy Auto Ship. We provide door-to-door RV transport services throughout the United States and even internationally.

International RV Shipping

Looking to ship your Motor Home or Caravan to any location all around the world? Well, this is not a cup of tea of all, but we make sure to deliver this so heavy and valuable vehicle with full safety and security.

When you need to move your RV and to be sure that it is going to be safe and well looked after, we are here at your service. When you choose The Express Auto you will get the most convenient, reliable and fast service at the best price possible. RV SHIPPING is complicated and any wrong move may lead things to go horribly wrong. But with us, you don’t need to worry anymore as we are experienced and get everything right in one shot.

RV Shipping

As we have healthy relationships with many car transport services, companies, and individual sole traders, we are confident to provide very smooth, door to door and fast shipping services. Just share the dimensions, weight, make and model of your trailer, and we will handle the rest. We plan everything in a better way and consider several considerations when arranging transportation of your vehicle including; size, type, roadworthiness, modifications and more. If you are looking for RV transport Ohio to anywhere else, we are the trusted available option for you. Call us today!