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What to Know About Flatbed Vehicle Shipping

Over the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on the kinds of car transport trucks on the road today. If you missed them, check out our posts on open shipping and enclosed transport service. Today’s topic is in the same vein as those, but also slightly different, because today we’re going to focus on flatbed vehicle shipping services. More specifically, we’re going to discuss what flatbed shipping is, who can use it, and what the differences are between open, enclosed, and flatbed vehicle shipping services.

What is Flatbed Vehicle Shipping?

Open transport trucks can haul just about any standard-sized vehicle on the road. Enclosed transport trucks do the same, but for vehicles that tend to be a lot more valuable. Flatbed vehicle shipping services are used for all the vehicles that can’t fit on an open or enclosed carrier.

Most of the time, flatbed shipping services are not “on-demand” the way that open or enclosed shipping is. This means that you’ll have to have an agent let you know if you need a flatbed carrier or not. This is actually good for you – if your vehicle doesn’t need a flatbed truck, it’s going to save you a lot of time and money. Flatbed haulers have some of the lowest numbers of trucks on the road in relation to open and enclosed transport trucks, so they’re used as-needed.

This naturally makes flatbed shipping more expensive, and it can take a bit longer to find a carrier. Bigger cities tend to take less time, which is always good. But prices will still be higher than average because of the type of carrier as well as the cargo.

Getting the Most Out of Flatbed Vehicle Shipping Services

There are plenty of vehicles that need flatbed shipping services, so it’s something that we want customers to understand is an option. But if it’s not necessary for your shipment, we’re not going to offer it as an option to you, since that’d be a waste of time and money. Instead, here’s a quick and dirty guide of vehicles that may need a flatbed hauler:

Construction equipment
Semi-truck cabs
Box vans
Large cargo vans
Lifted pickups/SUV’s
Recreational vehicles
Tent and travel trailers

There’s a lot more, of course, but if your vehicle is in the vein of one of those, flatbed shipping will likely be required.

Make sure you have the dimensions of any vehicle that could be classified one of the vehicles above. Having the length, width, height, and approximate weight will allow us to quote you more accurately, which will yield better shipping services. With flatbed vehicle shipping, the price should come secondary to the service, because it’s going to be priced high regardless.

You can and should speak to an agent for more information about shipping via flatbed. They can let you know what you can expect in terms of pricing, carrier availability, and whether your shipment will need a flatbed hauler.

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