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The Top Auto Shipping Cities in the U.S.

The top auto shipping cities in the U.S. tend to be the absolute easiest places to ship to. These are the cities that carriers base themselves in and around and the ones they want to move between. As such, the top cities are almost always the cheapest and most cost-effective places to ship a car.

But there’s still plenty of things that can affect your auto transportation services. From cramped downtown areas to sprawling metropolitan areas, the biggest cities in the U.S. sometimes can be a bear to get around. Many carriers can’t fit in Manhattan, for instance, so you’ll need to meet them in nearby New Jersey, or upstate New York somewhere. But on the whole, the top auto shipping cities in the U.S. tend to be the easiest to find carriers for, and at the best rates.

About the Top Auto Shipping Cities in the U.S.

New York City

New York is the largest city in the U.S. in terms of total population. It’s also one of the biggest transportation and logistics hubs in the eastern U.S., so it’s not surprising it’s a top car transport location. Areas like Manhattan may be difficult for carriers to access, so make sure to speak to an agent about alternative pickup or delivery locations.

Los Angeles

As the second-largest city in the U.S. by population, Los Angeles sees a lot of shipping traffic. It’s a major hub like New York City, with the added benefit of being the base of operations for many carriers. This means that carriers are almost always in or around the Los Angeles area, which means faster dispatch times and, usually, lower prices.


Though Miami isn’t one of the top five largest cities in the U.S. by population, it’s definitely a major auto transport hub. It’s a prime snowbird location. Snowbirds are customers that live in the north during the spring and summer, then move south for the fall and winter. This way, they take advantage of the best parts of the seasons in each region. Miami sees more traffic than perhaps any other city come fall and winter, which helps keep prices low during one of the slowest times for car shippers.


Texas, like Florida, is a pretty popular auto shipping location. As such, it’s not too surprising that Dallas makes it to the top of the “most popular car transport locations” list. Dallas doesn’t see the snowbird population that Miami does, but it still sees plenty of vehicle shipping traffic. It helps that the city sits along some of the most heavily-traveled interstates in the southern U.S. as well. This keeps prices lower, with interest always being high.


Chicago makes this list less because it’s a major transportation hub – it pales in comparison to Miami or Dallas or L.A. – but because it’s the third-largest city by population in the U.S. With over 3.7 million residents, Chicago attracts a lot of car transportation traffic. Winters can be tricky, though, given that it’s in the northern U.S. and prone to wintry weather. But many carriers will weather those storms because of the ever-present demand for Chicago auto transport services.


Like Dallas, Houston sits along several major interstate highways and is popular among customers. It may not have the population of Dallas, but it’s not like it’s far off. Plenty of carriers are based in Houston (as many are based in Dallas and L.A.), which makes finding carriers at great rates even easier.

All of these cities are major car shipping hubs. They tend to see the lowest prices of all the major U.S. cities and often see some of the lowest dispatch times. Of course, we can help you ship a vehicle to or from any city in the U.S. It just so happens these tend to be the easiest. Make sure to speak to an agent to learn more.

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