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The Least Popular Places to Ship a Car

Back in summer, we wrote about the top auto shipping cities in the U.S. Those are still as popular today as they were back in July. But there’s something else we have yet to touch on – the least popular places to ship a car in the U.S.

The following states are some of the more difficult parts of the country to ship to or from. Whereas most locations only take a maximum of seven days for pickup from your first available date, these states can take as long as two weeks. We’ll delve into each state and what makes it more difficult to ship to or from, as well as what you can expect in terms of pricing, carrier availability, and pickup times.

With all of these shipping locations, you can likely find a carrier at a better rate by moving your pickup or delivery location to somewhere more palatable for carriers. You’ll need to speak to your agent to learn more about which areas will be better – and which might be worse.

The Least Popular Places to Ship a Car

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho is fairly far away from the popular areas of the region. Not only is Idaho far away from major shipping areas, it’s not exactly popular with customers. As such, carriers don’t usually want to travel there, and will charge more to do so.

Iowa is in the same boat as Idaho. While Iowa does have several large cities, including Des Moines, it’s not a popular area from a customers’ point of view. Carriers want to go where customers need them to go, after all. So if an area is away from major shipping routes and is not popular, it’s going to be less popular. This is why it can take longer and cost more for Iowa.

Maine, like Idaho and Iowa, just doesn’t see a lot of traffic. But of all the states in this list, Maine might be the worst. Not only is it far removed from major routes,it’s really far removed. Most carriers don’t go much further than Boston, Massachusetts. Any shipments further north are going to cost a lot more due to the lack of demand. And come winter, it can be almost impossible for carriers to get to most areas of the state.

Like Idaho, Montana is a big state and far removed from major routes. It also is home to all of one city with over 100,000 residents. Montana is isolated, difficult to access, and unpopular with customers. So carriers avoid it perhaps more than any other state in the region. Make sure to speak to an agent about the best places to ship to or from Montana to ship a vehicle.

Nebraska isn’t as unpopular as some of the states listed here, mostly because of Omaha, its largest city. Omaha draws by far the most traffic of any city in the state and acts as a major stop-through for carriers. As such, Nebraska may still be among the least popular places to ship a car in the U.S., but it’s not as high up as some other states.

North/South Dakota
We’ve grouped both North and South Dakota together because they may as well be the same thing. South Dakota really doesn’t have any major cities in it, and there even fewer in North Dakota. There is little demand during the summer, and even less in winter. As such, North and South Dakota both are going to be some of the most difficult places to ship to or from.

Vermont, like Maine, is remote, somewhat difficult for carriers to get to, and doesn’t see a lot of demand from customers. As such, carriers have to spend more to get there, which means they have to charge more, and it’ll still take longer than usual for them to actually get there to begin with.

Note that none of these states are impossible to ship to. But usually, prices are higher, and it takes longer for vehicles to be picked up and delivered within them. Make sure to speak to an agent if you’re shipping to or from one of these regions, especially if you are pressed for time or are shipping on a budget.

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