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The Basics of Enclosed Car Shipping

Standard auto transport services come in two varieties: open and enclosed. Open auto transport is more common, but enclosed car shipping sees plenty of use as well. When it comes to shipping a car, most customers use an open carrier because they tend to be cheaper, easier to find, and typically result in faster shipments from start to finish. But open haulers also come with their own issues such as leaving the vehicles they ship open to the elements and road hazards of the interstate highways. This is why enclosed car shipping also exists, and we’re here to give you the rundown of what to expect when you ship a car enclosed.

The Basics of Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed shipping is most useful for vehicles that are not driven daily. If your vehicle is a show car, you should immediately want to ship it enclosed. But most people don’t have show cars – at least, not in the sense of showing it off at a car show. But they do have vehicles that they don’t want to see dented or dinged or dirty. That’s not to say that happens with an open carrier – damage is rare when you ship a car and happens on less than 5% of shipments. But sometimes, that’s just not an acceptable risk.

Enclosed transporters are more expensive than open shippers, which is a big reason why they aren’t more popular. Enclosed shipments can see prices anywhere from 50-150% more than the cost of an open transporter along the same route. So naturally, you don’t want to use an enclosed carrier unless the vehicle is actually worth the cost.

And there are plenty of vehicles that are worth it. Here are some examples:

Show cars
Classic cars
Antique cars
Family heirlooms
Vehicles of historical significance
Exotic cars

Note that you can ship any vehicle in an enclosed carrier so long as it will physically fit in the trailer. But because fewer customers use enclosed carriers, and the fact that enclosed trailers usually can’t haul more than 4-6 cars at a time, prices go up. So it’s up to you to determine whether or not the shipment of your vehicle requires it. Of course, you can always speak to an agent regarding your shipment. They can give you more information about enclosed auto transportation services and whether or not they may be right for you.

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