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Ship a Car to College

Get accepted into a college across the country? Transferring universities for your master’s degree? Sending your new college student to another state for college? First of all, congratulations! This phase of life is full of excitement but can also bring uncertainties. One of which is often the question of how you are going to get your vehicle to your new college campus. We can help!

Shipping your car to college can be very easy when you use our auto shipping services! We know the budget can be a little tight with all of your other college expenses, that is why we will provide you with several auto shipping quotes from the industry’s leading providers. This will ensure that you get the cheapest, yet safe and efficient, auto transport possible. Let us save you the trouble of finding and comparing many different companies, simply fill out our form once and you will receive instant auto transport quotes!

Why ship a car to college?student

  •  Convenience -Let’s face it, road trips (especially of the non-vacation type) can be incredibly boring. Why sit in a car for endless hours when you can have your car picked up from your driveway, fly to your destination and have your vehicle waiting for you on campus?
  • Safety -If you are driving across the country alone, safety is often a topic on the mind. What if you have a breakdown in an unknown area? Will you go through any less than stellar areas? Trusting an auto transporter to ship your vehicle to college can remove all of this doubt for you!
  • Cost – Let’s face it, gas is expensive! Between the amount of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, lodging and dining out, a quick road trip across the country can really add up! Estimate these expenses and compare it to your auto shipping quote. You may be surprised at how little driving it yourself is actually saving you!
  •  Time -Let’s say you are participating in an internship on the east coast. You have been accepted at a graduate school on the west coast. Unfortunately, your internship ends just 3 days before your new classes begin. How are you going to make it there in time? Shipping your car with our auto transport services can help! You would be able to put schedule a pickup a week before your internship was over and fly to the west coast. Your vehicle could be waiting for you when you get there. While this is just one example of auto shipping helping a college student, it could be applied to many different situations.

Simply fill out our quote request form, located to the right, and instantly receive free quotes from several of the nation’s best auto transporters! There is no obligation to continue or book a shipment. Why not check it out?