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New York City Auto Shipping

Due to its size, New York City auto shipping services shouldn’t be difficult to find. It’s the biggest city by population in the United States, and one of the most densely populated. So there’s always plenty of demand for car shipping both to and from the city. That being said, actually getting a large auto transport truck into the city itself can be challenging. This is, again, due to the sheer density of the city. With tightly-packed buildings and narrow streets, navigating an auto shipping truck can be a challenge.

New York City Auto Shipping

While New York City may be popular among customers, and plenty of carriers go through the area, it’s not exactly cheap. New York is surrounded by toll roads including I-95, which can increase the total cost carriers have to pay to actually move around the area. Tolls can also add costs to a shipment, especially if there’s a lot of toll roads. And some carriers just don’t want to deal with toll roads at all, which can limit carrier availability. Not too much, but it certainly does cut down on options.

Usually it’s easier to ship out of New York City as opposed to into it. But regardless of if you’re shipping to or from, you likely won’t be able to get your vehicle into the city proper. Instead, your carrier will likely have to meet you somewhere close by. Sometimes this is New Jersey, sometimes it’s Yonkers or somewhere even further north. Regardless, we’ll work with you and your carrier to find a suitable pickup or delivery location.

This is important because most car shipping services are door to door, which means you’ll need to be present at pickup and delivery. So it’s important that you and your carrier – and your agent – all know where the vehicle will be picked up or dropped off. We recommend speaking to an agent about your New York City auto shipping services. It’s not going to be hard to find a carrier, or all that expensive, but these factors can throw some kinks into the works.

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