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Motorcycle Transport Services

Motorcycle Transport ServicesWhat to expect when it comes to transporting a motorcycle will often depend on who exactly it is you are looking to transport your vehicle with. Many different auto transport companies have different methods of transporting a motorcycle, but most of the time they will be crated and shipped on the back of either a flatbed truck or an enclosed auto transport truck. But wait, you’re probably saying, aren’t those methods of transport expensive?

Yes, they are, but only when you’re shipping a car or other type of heavier vehicle like that. Enclosed carriers are usually designed to handle high-end and expensive vehicles, but there are plenty of trucks on the road that either primarily ship motorcycles or else ship them in addition to enclosed vehicles, so as to maximize their profits on the vehicles they ship. There are also motorcycle-only carriers out there – a lot more than you’d think – that your representative can find to move your motorcycle as well. These are usually much more common to see motorcycles on than a standard flatbed or enclosed container, as their trucks are better designed to haul crated motorcycles.

Motorcycles are crated before they are shipped. Normally, your carrier will roll your bike onto the truck itself and then build the crate around the truck. Crates should be included in every motorcycle transport quote you receive, as any company that provides motorcycle transport services understands how important it is to crate a motorcycle. If they are not crated, typically they will either fall down or otherwise get damaged some other way. Crating also helps carriers maximize space on their truck, allowing for more motorcycles to fit at once.

Motorcycles are smaller and lighter to ship, which almost always makes them cheaper to transport – crate included. It can, however, take a bit more time to find a carrier to transport your motorcycle, as they are not the most popular of vehicles in the transportation industry today. Still, there are companies that specialize in motorcycle transport or at least offer motorcycle transport services, so it won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Just make sure to give yourself plenty of wait time for the carrier to arrive; we recommend booking your motorcycle transport at least a week before you want it picked up, as this will give your representative plenty of time to find a carrier for you in time to get it picked up.

But regardless of what exactly you’re shipping or where you’re shipping from and to we are here to help. You can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form and get multiple free auto transport quotes from reputable and reliable shippers who know all about how motorcycle transport is supposed to go. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-835-2087 and speak to one of our live agents about your motorcycle transport needs. They’re standing by to answer your questions, offer helpful information and advice and are also more than happy to help you get free quotes from reputable shippers. What are you waiting for?