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What to Know About Open Transport

Carrier 3Open auto transport is the main type of auto transport in the car shipping industry today. The vast majority – over 90% – of all carriers on the road that transport cars are open auto carriers, and there are several different reasons for this. For one, they are the easiest type of carrier for drivers and transport companies to buy, license, and operate. Two, they are more cost-effective, able to carry up to ten loads at a single time and maximizing the amount of money that can be made by the carrier. The fact that there are so many open carriers also helps with pickup times; generally, your pickup window will be anywhere from 1-7 days from the day you book your order, which can actually double if you are looking at other methods of transportation.

Most customers prefer to ship via an open auto transport carrier, though there are some vehicles out there – primarily exotic or rare vehicles – that would be better off if they were shipped in an enclosed container. However, enclosed is generally much more expensive than open transport, which is why the vast majority of customers prefer shipping via an open auto transporter as opposed to anything else. That, coupled with typically faster pickup times, makes open transport the most popular method of shipping in the car transport industry. You can read more about this type of transportation truck via our open auto transport page as well.

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