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Heavy Equipment Transportation Services

Heavy equipment transportation services aren’t all that common, but they’re definitely available if you need them. While many car transporters simply don’t haul heavy equipment, The Express Auto is proud to say we can and do.

However, there are some things about shipping heavy equipment that you need to know. It’s not as easy as shipping a vehicle, won’t be as cheap, and will likely take longer. But if you need to ship heavy equipment, there’s no one that can do it better.

Keep reading to learn more about how heavy equipment shipping works, what to expect when you ship heavy equipment, and how we here at The Express Auto can help you get it done.

How Heavy Equipment Transportation Works

Unlike when you ship a regular car, truck, or SUV, heavy equipment can’t fit on a standard carrier. This means that they’ll need to be handled by specialty shippers, usually of the flatbed variety.

Flatbed trucks aren’t as common as open or enclosed transport trucks. As such, they tend to take longer to find, and they also tend to be more expensive. Flatbed trucks are used to haul vehicles that can’t fit on other trucks, after all. So they need to be able to handle heavier weights and larger sizes. This is perhaps the biggest reason for higher prices for flatbed transportation.

But really, it works the same way as when you ship a standard vehicle. You book your order with us just like if you were shipping a Toyota Corolla. Then we work to find a carrier that can haul your heavy equipment. We can ship to or from anywhere in the U.S., so there’s no worries there.

The payment will be cash on delivery unless there is good reason to pay another way. You can speak to an agent about that for more.

What to Expect With Heavy Equipment Transportation

Right off the bat you can expect longer wait times and higher prices when compared to a standard-sized vehicle shipping along the same route.

As we mentioned above, heavy equipment transportation almost always requires a flatbed truck. As there are fewer flatbeds on the road than open or enclosed trucks, they take longer to find. And because they’re specialty shippers, they cost more, since they don’t handle the most commonly shipped vehicles.

When you contact us for information about shipping your piece of heavy equipment, we’ll need a few pieces of information we don’t usually ask for. Specifically, the dimensions of the vehicle, including length, width, height, and weight. There may be other information that your rep will need as well, so have as much as you can get.

It can take a week or two more than usual, so be prepared to wait. If you need to ship your heavy equipment on a specific day, you need to contact us well ahead of time – at least two weeks, but the further out the better. We recommend speaking to an agent if you have more specific questions about shipping your heavy equipment.

Learn More About Auto Transportation With The Express Auto

No matter what type of vehicle you’re shipping, The Express Auto has the auto shipping services you need. You can give us a call any time at 877-835-2087 to speak to a representative for more information, or to get a free quote.

Our agents understand the ins and outs of the car shipping industry better than most. They can also give you great information about your specific shipment, including how your pickup and delivery locations may impact your prices and services. You can also fill out our free online quote form any time to get a customized quote right away. So no matter what services you’re looking for, The Express Auto can help you find them.