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Door to Door Service

Door to Door vs. Terminal Auto Shipping

Door to Door ShippingYou will find that there are two types of basic auto shipping services out there: door to door and terminals. So, what is the difference? Door to door services allow your vehicle to stay on the same truck from origin to destination. Your vehicle will be picked up from and delivered to the address that you specify. (Please note that sometimes it is impossible for the truck to get right to your driveway; this could be due to community restrictions, low hanging trees or narrow streets. In these cases, the driver may ask you to meet them at a nearby parking lot or open area.)

When shipping with a terminal service, your vehicle will not be on the same truck the entire time and can pass through many hands. A truck will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to one of the company’s terminals. Your car will be put on another truck and delivered to another terminal. This process will continue until your vehicle has reached the nearest terminal to your destination. Your vehicle will either be available for you to pick up or will be delivered to you.

Most auto transport companies that you speak to offer door to door services. In fact, you will probably only receive quotes from door to door auto shippers. Why is this? It is very expensive to establish and maintain many different terminals. Therefore typically larger companies offer this service. Since the auto shipping company is saving money by creating terminals, they are often able to pass those savings on to their customers.

Help me decide if door to door service is right for me.

Door to door service seems to be the better option for most auto transports. While terminal services will get your car delivered, you may be waiting a longer time for delivery. You will also have to accept the fact that you may not know exactly where your vehicle is at all times and many different people will be handling your vehicle. You may find that the small cost savings of terminal service might not outweigh the benefits of shipping door to door.

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