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Auto Transport Need to Know: The Bill of Lading

Car 3The bill of lading is, essentially, the contract between you and the carrier signifying that you are entrusting your vehicle to that carrier company and that you acknowledge all their terms and conditions. What’s nice about the bill of lading is that it includes the inspection report, which is filled out and signed by you and the driver at both pickup and delivery. You should always read through the bill of lading thoroughly, and make sure you always read the fine print.

The bill of lading is a required document for carriers to be legally able to transport your vehicle. It sets out their responsibilities and the like as well, which means you can get a pretty good idea of what your carrier is like by how they handle the bill of lading. Understanding your rights and responsibilities is a good idea too, and those should be included in the paperwork that your carrier will have you peruse and sign before loading your vehicle. It’s also your receipt, so make sure to keep your copy in a safe place after transport, especially if there’s a problem with damage or the like (though that’s pretty rare).

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