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Auto Transport for Antique Cars

Auto Transport for Antique CarsTransporting an antique car is always a challenge, not least of which is trying to find a carrier to move it without getting it damaged. It’s not always easy, especially for antique cars that have been restored already and are in need of an enclosed carrier to make sure they do not get damaged. Typically, when transporting an antique car, there are two types of antiques you can ship: antique cars that need an enclosed carrier, and those that don’t. But which one needs which?

To start, an open carrier will not provide as much protection for a vehicle as an enclosed carrier, as they are not designed to protect the vehicles they are transporting from rain and other elements, not to mention any errant rocks or road debris that may get kicked into the back of the truck while traveling along the road. When transporting an antique car, you probably want to ship enclosed unless you are planning on fixing up the antique car you are selling. Let’s face it, if you’re buying a junker to restore, you won’t need to ship it enclosed – it’s already so damaged that anything else that may happen while it’s being transported won’t do anything to harm its value.

Now, if it’s already been fixed up and is pristine and beautiful, chances are an enclosed carrier will be the best thing for you. Antique cars retain a lot of value, especially the older they get, so it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t want anything untoward to happen to it. We definitely recommend enclosed transport for antique cars that are in good condition. It may be a bit more expensive, but a car like that is most definitely worth any additional prices you may have to pay to keep it safe.

You should always have the year, make and model of your antique car when calling for quotes or when you are getting estimates to transport it. Let your representatives know the condition of your antique car, and if they are unfamiliar with what you are shipping they may ask for pictures, so it’s always best to have some on-hand or ready to be e-mailed to your representative, should they ask for them.

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