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Auto Carrier Types

There are two types of auto carriers that can transport your vehicle: open carriers and enclosed carriers. While both can safely transport your vehicle, there are a few reasons why you would choose one over the other.

When picking which type of auto transport carrier to use, it is important to identify what the most important aspect is to you.

  • Safety– While both options are very safe and will get your vehicle delivered in one piece, an enclosed carrier does offer more protection. If you are shipping a classic, restored or high-dollar vehicle, it may be best to go with an enclosed carrier. A tiny dent from a stone will probably not be noticed on the family’s everyday minivan but will certainly be noticed on your restored Mustang.
  • Price– An enclosed carrier will often add at least $200 to your transport cost. If budget is your main concern, an open carrier will be great for your move. Your vehicle will be transported safely on an open carrier, the most commonly used type. It is worth keeping in mind that the lower your price, the longer you may end up waiting for a truck to be assigned.
  • Time- If time is your biggest concern, be sure to let your sales associate know right away. Many auto transporters offer immediate pickups and expedited services. However, these services can quickly increase the cost of your vehicle shipment.