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Auction Auto Transport Services

Auction Auto TransportOver the past ten years, the online auto auction industry has exploded, and today it is a vital and thriving part of the used car industry – and the auto transport industry. You would be surprised how many auto auctions and online auction warehouses there are scattered across the United States; you would perhaps be even more surprised to learn that many carriers rely heavily on the auction auto transport scene to fill up truck space and keep their trucks on the road. In this article you’ll learn a bit more about how auction auto transport works and how you can make the best of it when you buy a vehicle either online or in person from an auction.

Most auction houses now do both live and online auctions, and more and more people are finding that online auctions are a great way to get a car at a good price. Many carriers and shipping companies will provide discounts for customers who ship from well-known auction houses, and as most auction houses are based in major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia and Cincinnati, most carriers running routes through those areas will be more than willing to pick up vehicles from an auction house at a reasonable rate.

If you are a dealer or own a dealership and often buy cars from auction, getting in contact with a reliable shipping company is actually a great way to get great prices on transport if you book with them on a regular basis. Many dealerships will buy vehicles at auction and then turn around and sell them; it’s a common tactic, and more and more dealerships are finding great cars at great deals and then shipping them to the lot to resell them.

But regardless of what exactly you’re shipping or who you are and why you need the vehicle you bought at auction, we are here to help. You can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form and get multiple free auto transport quotes from reputable and reliable shippers who know all about how auction auto transport is supposed to go. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-835-2087 and speak to one of our live agents about your auction auto transport needs. They’re standing by to answer your questions, offer helpful information and advice and are also more than happy to help you get free quotes from reputable shippers. What are you waiting for?