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About Standby Auto Transport

Most times, when you ship a car, you need it done pretty much as soon as possible. If not ASAP, then soon. Or within a specific date. The point is, people who ship cars often know when they need to ship, which is often tied to why they have to ship it.

But that’s only most customers – not all. Sometimes, you need to ship a car, but you don’t really care how long it takes to get it done. Sometimes, the when isn’t as important as the how much. And that’s why standby auto transport services exist.

We’ll fill you in on what standby auto transport is, who can benefit from it, and whether or not you really need it.

What to Know About Standby Auto Transport

Like with an airline, shipping standby means you wait and see if you can get a spot at a cheaper price. It’s a pretty good thing to do, but those who can actually use it beneficially and without issue are few in number.

Basically, you need to have the time. That’s what it comes down to. Standby shipping often is a bit cheaper, but it can take weeks and sometimes even months to assign you a carrier. Standby, naturally, ships at a lower rate. And how long you wait ultimately comes down to how low you go in terms of price.

The auto shipping industry is based heavily on carrier price. Carriers have to compete against other carriers, and brokers naturally keep prices lower as a result. But with standby, prices often go much lower than the going rate. So carriers are reluctant to actually ship a car that’s going standby.

Most of them will if there’s a spot and they need the money, of course. So it’s not impossible. However, less popular routes will usually take longer to find a carrier. More popular routes stand a better chance, but it depends on the demand from customers. If there’s fifty cars going out of your area, and you’re offering the lowest price, every carrier will ship another car before yours.

This is why we don’t like shipping standby. If you’re dead set on it we can help you, of course. But speak to an agent about it before you do.

Learn More About Standby Auto Transport With The Express Auto

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