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About Door to Door Auto Transportation

There are two basic methods of shipping a car: door to door auto transportation, and terminal to terminal auto shipping. Of the two, door to door transportation is definitely more popular. It is considered the standard method of shipping a vehicle today. So whenever you get quotes from companies to ship a car, including us, it will be for door to door shipping.

But what is it? What does it entail? How is it the “standard” way cars are shipped? We’re going to delve into it in this helpful post.

What is Door to Door Auto Transportation?

Door to door auto transportation is when the carrier picks your car up at your door, and delivers it to your door. Now, it’s not to be taken exactly literally – there are many, many places that an 80-ft transport truck can’t physically get to. So door to door usually means that the carrier will pickup and deliver your vehicle to the addresses you specify.

With door to door, you get to meet your driver and be involved in the pickup and delivery processes. This is a big reason why door to door, today, is standard. While terminal shipping may be slightly cheaper, they often take longer since carriers don’t want to pickup or deliver from terminals. Terminals tend to have less security and there is a higher risk for damage to the vehicles while they are being stored.

These are the main reasons why door to door is the go-to method of shipping cars. Carriers prefer it because it reduces their liability, and it makes shipments a lot faster.

How Can I Ship My Car Door to Door?

To ship your vehicle door to door, you just need to get a free quote! Really, as the standard method of transporting vehicles today, it’s harder to find terminal shipping than door to door.

Note that if your carrier can’t physically access the addresses you give for pickup or delivery, you’ll need to meet them somewhere they can access. This often means a large parking lot, or a rest area. It’s mostly just somewhere that a huge transport truck can get to. But even with this, you’ll still meet the driver, and you’ll still sign the paperwork, and you’ll do both a pickup and delivery inspection of your vehicle.

The inspections are to note any existing damage (at pickup) and new damage (at delivery). Over 90% of vehicles are shipped damage-free, so it’s rare. But as part of the shipping process, the inspections are important. This is another reason door to door auto transportation is standard.

Get Door to Door Auto Transportation With The Express Auto

Whether you’re shipping in-state or out-of-state, The Express Auto has the door to door shipping services you need. You can give us a call any time at 877-835-2087 to speak to a representative for more information, or to get a free quote. Our agents understand the ins and outs of the car shipping industry better than most. They can also give you great information about your specific shipment, including how your pickup and delivery locations may impact your prices and services. You can also fill out our free online quote form any time to get a customized quote right away. So no matter what services you’re looking for, The Express Auto can help you find them.