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Show Car Transportation

Show Car TransportationIf you own a show car, you know how fun they are. Show cars are the epitome of car ownership – not only do you own an awesome automobile, you own one so awesome that you can show it off to other people and watch as their jaws drop and they mumble incoherently about how great your car is. Show cars are really, really cool, and even if you’ve only ever seen one at an auto show you know how much fun it is to go and see them. For those of you that own them, either you own your own trailer to haul it around in, or you rely on auto transport companies to ship from one show to another – either way is fine, but if you don’t own your own trailer you should probably read ahead for tips on keeping your show car in pristine condition while it is being transported.

Almost every customer we’ve ever seen that is shipping a show car wants it enclosed. Some show cars are soft-top convertibles with the stock convertible top – you can’t expose that to the elements unless it’s a day as pristine as your car, so you want to ship it enclosed and keep it away from all the snow and sleet and hail and rain that can wreak havoc on a show car. Open transport is great for most vehicles, but most vehicles aren’t show cars; the ones that are, however, deserve some special treatment to keep them looking nice and shiny. Wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, which type of carrier you choose to transport your show car with is up to you, but as a company that provides show car transportation services we understand just how valuable your car is to you. Enclosed transportation will take longer for your representative to find and book your transport with, and generally costs more than open transport because there are typically fewer enclosed carriers on the road, but this is primarily due to the fact that there are fewer people looking for enclosed transport and as such there is a smaller market for it.

If you’re searching for show car transportation services, we here at Express Auto Transport are here to help. You can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form and get multiple free quotes from reputable and reliable shippers who know all about how show car transport is supposed to go. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-835-2087 and speak to one of our live agents about your transport needs. They’re standing by to answer your questions, offer helpful information and advice and are also more than happy to help you get free quotes from reputable shippers. What are you waiting for?