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Open Auto Transport

Get the best value for your dollar on an open auto transport!

open-car-shippingYou have probably seen an open car carrier driving down the highway. Open auto carriers range in size and capacity; typically holding between two and ten cars at a time. Vehicles that are moved via an open auto transport are exposed to the weather just as if it were being driven to its destination. Most vehicle transports are shipped on an open car transporter because it is the most cost-effective method to get your vehicle to its destination. In fact, car dealerships often have their inventory shipped via an open car carrier!

Open auto carriers are a very safe and affordable way to ship your vehicle from one location to another.

Why choose an open auto transport instead of an enclosed auto transport?

  • Price – An open auto transport will cost you significantly less than an enclosed auto transport. There are a couple reasons why this is the case. First, open auto carriers can typically hold more vehicles at a time than an enclosed carrier. Therefore, the trucking company is able to move a higher amount of vehicles at a lower price than they could if they were an enclosed carrier. Secondly, there are often more open carriers on the road in a given area than enclosed carriers. Since there is a higher demand of enclosed shipments than there are shippers to move the enclosed transports, prices are higher.
  • Speed of Shipment – While the type of carrier does not affect the actual drive time from origin to destination, it can affect the amount of time it takes to assign your shipment to a truck. As we mentioned above, sometimes there are more enclosed shipments than there are enclosed trucks in the area. 

An open auto carrier is your best bet if you are looking for a safe, quick, efficient and affordable way to transport your vehicle!

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