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Custom Car Transport Services

Custom Car Transport ServicesCustom cars are awesome, but transporting them can be a real pain if you’re new or you don’t know what you’re in for. That’s why we’ve written this helpful custom car transport services article, so that when you’re looking to ship your custom car you know what to expect so you’ll ultimately have a better auto transportation experience through knowledge of the process and how it works.

For starters, there are a few different ways your custom car can be transported. If your custom car is one that you’re looking to fix up or just isn’t that good-looking (and let’s face it, some custom cars need some work before they’re pristine, and there’s nothing wrong with that) we would recommend open transport services. Open transport is the cheapest method of shipping a vehicle in the industry today – there are more carriers on the road hauling more cars around on more routes than any other method today. However, it also exposes the vehicles on it to the elements, and some vehicles just can’t handle that much exposure to rain and all that.

That’s why enclosed transportation services are available on just about every single route that open transport is available on, so customers have an option in terms of protection for their vehicles. For those of you shipping a custom car, this is usually the best route to go. Enclosed protects your vehicle far better than any other type of transportation currently available, though it does come with some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

First off, it’s going to be more expensive, and usually the more protection you ask for the more expensive it will continue to be. See, many enclosed carriers will provide extra covers for vehicles within their container. Overkill? Some may feel that way, but more often than not custom cars are show cars, which means they need the best protection money can buy. And that’s why enclosed carriers – especially those that operate trucks with an upper and lower rack in the trailer – will offer additional protection for vehicles they are transporting.

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