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Boat Transport 101

Boat TransportTransporting a boat is anything but easy. Built to be on the water, every boat needs some sort of trailer to be hauled around on, and most people will usually just hitch their boat to the back of their truck or U-Haul if they have to get it across the country. But what if you bought a boat online and need to transport it to you from another state? Just like buying a car, many people look to the internet to buy their boats, as you can usually find much better deals on watercraft if you are searching the entire country for one. However, getting it to you is another matter entirely.

When searching for quotes to transport your boat, be prepared to have – in addition to the year, make and model of it – the exact dimensions. You should have the length, width, height and approximate weight (to the nearest hundred pounds is usually good) of the boat with you and ready to give to your representative should they ask for it. Pictures will help the cause as well; if you have pictures that you can quickly e-mail to your representative, if will go a long way to helping them find a carrier that will be able to transport your boat.

Boat transport is typically more expensive than regular auto transport services, because boats cannot fit on the back of a standard auto transport carrier. There are some carrier companies out there that ship primarily boats, and they will usually do so either inside an enclosed container or on the back of a flatbed transport truck, depending on the size of your boat. Some boats are too large to fit in an enclosed container, and as such they will need to be hauled by a flatbed carrier that can handle the additional size and weight of larger boats.

Every boat company will require a trailer in order to move your boat. Some companies may simply hire a driver to tow it behind a large pickup truck – there are some companies that will offer this service if the move is within a specific region (for instance, the Pacific Northwest, or New England), though for longer-distance moves chances are your representative will find a nationwide boat transporter to move it for you. Transporting a boat is much more expensive than transporting a car, due to the larger nature (and immobility) of a boat, and finding a carrier that can move it is a bit more challenging, so be prepared to wait longer to have your vehicle picked up.

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